Bucket List

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  Several years ago I put a bucket list together privately, and was surprised when I recently looked at it, how many items I had accomplished.  So I have been spending some time updating my list.  I am posting it here, with a bit of trepidation at how some people I know will react, but I have learned a lot about myself from making this list, and I have decided I no longer want to hide these things from the world or myself.  So if you find yourself offended by this list, you are of course entitled to your opinion, but I do not wish to hear it.

This list is still a work in progress, as I am trying to list 100 items.

  1. Produce and direct a black box theater music review production
  2. Hike the entire Appalachian and Pacific Trails
  3. Own and live on a sailboat while I travel to different locations around the globe, including sailing across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  4. Place 1st in a single Olympic Weight Lifting Competition
  5. Attend both Summer and Winter Olympics
  6. Live in Paris France
  7. Place a lock on a European bridge
  8. Finish my Dragon Riders Novel
  9. Build my own TARDIS
  10. Get a degree…Maybe Business?
  11. Visit NYC during Christmas.  Watch the big tree lighting, skate in central park, take a sleigh ride, and watch the ball drop in Time Square.
  12. Attend Mardi Gras
  13. Attend San Diego and NYC Comic Con
  14. Live on a tropical island
  15. Host a black tie adult party
  16. Get a tattoo in another country
  17. Practice photography and someday showcase my work in a weekend gallery
  18. Successfully complete NaNoWriMo once
  19. Attend a Broadway play on Broadway
  20. Build/create the following cosplay costumes and wear them at a con…. Joker, Ironman, Thor, Darth Rage
  21. Resolve my anger and find peace
  22. Purchase land, and build a cabin
  23. Own a custom tailored suite
  24. Own a jeep again and attend a week long Jeep festival
  25. Work on a ranch
  26. Own a horse
  27. Deadlift 400lbs
  28. Earn 1 million in one year
  29. Serve and go on a humanitarian mission through an organization like Green Peace or Peace Corp.
  30. Get my half sleeve tattoo, The Sith Code, and a tattoo to represent my marriage and what it meant to me
  31. Learn to meditate
  32. Learn calligraphy
  33. Learn to speak Spanish and French
  34. Go skiing more then once or twice a season
  35. Own my own pair of skis
  36. Learn to snowboard
  37. Forge my own sword
  38. Change my name legally
  39. Own a 4 poster bed
  40. Have a nicely decorated home with pictures, and art on the wall.
  41. Have 10,000 in savings
  42. Learn how to invest, or at least understand how it works
  43. Participate in a dance competition
  44. Own a Walther PPK
  45. Own an Omega Seamaster
  46. Collect all the autographs of the Serenity actors on my nice poster, and have it framed
  47. Refinish my desk and coffee table
  48. Go one full year not watching TV

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