Harold The Zombie – Chapter 6


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“What could the school principal possibly want to talk about? Harold hasn’t mentioned anything wrong at school. Do you think he bite someone?” Louis looked panicked, they had just received a telephone call from the schools secretary requesting a meeting the following morning with the school principal and Harold’s teacher.

George looked concerned “Maybe we should talk to Harold and see if anything happened, because you’re right he hasn’t mentioned any problems going on at school whatsoever.”

“Yes your right.” Louis walked to the door of their bedroom and opened it. “Harold? Harold dear will you come in here a second?”

A minute or two later Harold came up the stairs and into his parent’s bedroom. “Yes Mom.”

George stood up and motioned to the edge of the bed. “Harold have a seat son. We need to talk.”

“OK.” Harold walked over to the bed and sat down looking like everything was normal.

“Son, you have been going to school now for three months, and your mother and I were wondering how you like it?” George said.

Harold suddenly smiled “Daddy I love it! School is so much fun! I have friends, and we learn stuff, and we even get to go outside and play.”

“I’m glad you are enjoying school Harold, and you have told me all of this before. What you Mother and I want to know is, have you been having any problems at school? Has anyone been bothering you? Did you do anything bad while you were there? You can tell us, and we promise not to get upset.”

Harold looked very confused. “Nothing bad has happened at school.”

“Are you sure? You teacher and principal want to talk to your mother and I in the morning. They didn’t say why” George said.

“I don’t know why Mrs. Prater would want to talk to you, everything has been fine. Am I in trouble?” Harold looked like he was going to start crying any minute.

Louis rushed over and sat down next to Harold giving him a warm motherly hug. “No, sweetheart. You are not in trouble at all. Your father and I just wanted to make sure that nothing was going on you hadn’t told us about. There isn’t is there?”

Harold put his arms around his mother and started crying. At response to Louis’s questions Harold shook his head.

“Good, thank you for telling us the truth sweetie. Now everything is going to be OK. Your Father and I are going to go talk to your teacher and everything is going to be fine. Now how about you go downstairs and put on a movie you enjoy, OK?” Louis said.

After a few sniffles, and a wipe of each eye to get rid of the tears Harold gave both his parents a hug, and went downstairs. Both Louis and George were worried.

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