Harold the Zombie – Chapter 8


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Forty-five minutes later Doctor Igor Frankenstein came sweeping into the room. As usual he was wearing his dark brown leather trench coat, and fedora hat. He carried his usual worn leather briefcase and cane. “Doctor Igor Frankenstein at your service.” He said with a bow.

Mr. Fredrick and Ms. Prater looked slightly confused. “I’m sorry, but did you say Frankenstein?” Ms Prater asked.

“Yes my dear I did, and what good hearing you have too. It’s my family name unfortunately passed on through the ages from Father to Son. Now it is mine, and even though I can’t stand it, I can’t seem to part with it.” Doctor Frankenstein finished while removing his hat and coat. With a flick of his wrist he tossed his hat and coat across the room and they landed neatly on the coat rack set up in the corner of the room.

“Frankenstein is the name of a monster, isn’t it?” Mr. Fredrick asked.

“That is a very good question my good principle. You see it was my great great grandfather who created the first experiment. Creating it from dead body parts and such. Nasty business I’m afraid, not for me, anyways, the local towns folk called it Frankenstein’s monster, and eventually it got shortened to just Frankenstein.” Doctor Frankenstein came over to the front of the desk and took a seat next to George and Louis.

“Doctor, did you just say your Great Great Grandfather created Frankenstein?” Ms. Prater asked.

“Hmmmm, maybe I was a bit to rushed with that good hearing comment. Yes I did say that, I am sure I said that. You heard me say that didn’t you?” Doctor Frankenstein asked turning to George and Louis with a huge grin on his face. Both of them nodded, and Doctor Frankenstein gave them both a wink.

“Doctor Frankenstein, you must be pulling our leg.” Ms. Prater said with a nervous chuckle. “Things like monsters don’t exist.”

“Oh dear, a non believer are you? And here I thought you were more then just a pretty face. Come, come Ms. Prater! You can’t honestly believe that the world is so black and white. In fact that is the very reason I am hear today. There are many things out there that go bump in the night. The nice thing is, generally, they are just as scared of us as we are of them. SO they stay hidden in the shadows, forests, mountains, and pretty much out of sight. Humans are stupid, no offense, and have a hard time believing things they didn’t grow up with or make sense to them. I do hope you are not those kinds of people!” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“What do you mean things?” Ms. Prater asked.

“Oh there are all kinds of things out there, Vampires, Werewolves, Golems, Ghosts, Spirits, Fairies, and even Leprechauns. Nasty little creature those Leprechauns, don’t ever make a wish with one of them! They specialize in twisting people’s wishes. That’s why they make their pot of gold so easy to find. Go to the end of a rainbow and there it is. Next thing you know the Leprechaun is offering you a wish and before you know it you have two heads. They love messing with people.” Doctor Frankenstein sat back looking rather pleased with himself, smiling the whole time, and waited. Mr. Fredrick, and Mr. Prater looked stunned. Both of them honestly had no idea how to sum up the man in front of him, and they certainly didn’t know how to process the comments he was making.

“Doctor Frankenstein, while we all appreciate a good joke or two, I must insist that we get to the topic at hand.” Mr. Fredrick decided to just get to the point rather than deal with this crazy conversation. “Mr. and Mrs. Banks here have told us that you are Harold’s Doctor.”

“I am.”

“They also tell us that you have been treating him since he was an infant.”

“I have.”

“And they informed us that Harold has a condition he was born with.”

“He does.”

“They also said that somehow his condition relates to the comments he made in school about drinking blood and eating brains at home for supper.”

“It does.”

“They told us that as his doctor you could explain his condition and how it relates to his comments.”

“I can.”

“Well then Doctor Frankenstein perhaps you would be good enough to do so.”

“I certainly would. The answer is very simple. Harold is a Zombie.”

The room went dead silent. If the whole situation hadn’t been so serious George and Louis both would have been laughing. Doctor Frankenstein had a way of walking into a dark dreary room and bringing sunshine with him. He always had a smile on his face, and he had a way of tripping people up with his words. This whole time both George and Louis had been afraid of telling anyone the truth, and here was Doctor Frankenstein, who just walked into the room sat down and said it out loud for all to hear. Not a hint or sound of worry in his voice.

“I’m sorry, but did you just say that Harold was a Zombie?” Ms. Prater asked a worried look on her face.

“Yep I was certainly rushing the gun on that good hearing comment. YES! That is what I said. Harold is a Zombie. A very rare birth condition, caused during the growth of the child while still in the mothers womb. Now a real Zombie is not to be confused with a fictional Zombie. No, no, no that is not what Harold is at all. There will be no rotting flesh or stupid behavior, and certainly no eating the flesh off other human beings. That is as long as we can keep him well fed on a balanced diet.” Doctor Frankenstein looked pleased with himself, and his wide toothy grin had not left his face since the moment he walked into the room.

Mr. Fredrick, and Ms. Prater were another story. The look both of them carried was that of shock and horror. Both of them looked as if someone had just run over their cat right in front of them. A real Zombie? The very thought was ridiculous. Surely this had to be some kind of a joke.

“Doctor Frankenstein, while I appreciate your very odd, but original sense of humor I have a great many things to be done today, and must insist you tell us the truth. Enough of these silly games.” Mr. Fredrick said with a note of finality to his voice.

“I am telling the truth, and I have all the documentation to prove it. I imagined someone in your position, and education would find it hard to believe such things exist so I took the liberty to bring some items that might help persuade you. Here is a copy of Harold’s Birth certificate, and if you will examine it carefully you will see that under the sex of the child Harold is listed as a male Zombie. You will also note the name of the attending physician, and can if need be contact him at the Brisbane hospital. He will be happy to verify his findings. Also I have here records and a few documents of medical knowledge of Zombies dating back almost 300 years.

While there have been many theories, sightings, and certainly stories Harold is the first Zombie to be born that medical science has been able to observe and study. So often the children die at birth. If there is anything else you need to convince your small minds I will be happy to provide more in hopes of enlarging them.”

Mr. Fredrick, and Ms. Prater looked over the documents that Doctor Frankenstein had provided. For almost a full half hour the five people sat in the room without saying a word. George, Louis, and Doctor Frankenstein sat patiently as Mr. Fredrick and Ms. Prater looked over each document carefully. Both of them seem fascinated, and at the same time mortified by what they were reading.

Finally Mr. Fredrick broke the silence. “So you are not making this up?”


“And Harold really is a….Zombie?”


“So when Harold said he drank blood and ate brains at home, he was telling the truth?”

“Now you’re catching on.”

Ms. Prater looked as though she might pass out. After a moment though she seemed to gain a little color in her face and said. “Harold isn’t dangerous is he?”

“Oh not at all good madam. In fact the very opposite. Harold, while a Zombie, is perfectly normal to every other child in your school. He is growing and learning everyday. Being a Zombie doesn’t automatically make you dangerous, only different in the makeup and physiology of the body.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

Swallowing a very large gulp of air Mr. Fredrick said. “And he eats human blood and brains?”

“Its part of the Zombies natural food sources. We also add in some human flesh and organs from time to time. Before you ask we acquire all of this through the local blood banks and county morgues. We don’t go around killing anyone and cutting them up for dinner.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“I know this is hard to understand and believe me it took George and I a long time too. There are still days that I have a hard time believing it myself, but Harold is a good boy, and he loves going to school and learning. I promise there is no threat, and we will talk to him tonight about his comments, and ask him not to mention what he eats at home.” Louis said.

“While I appreciate your concern Mrs. Banks after some consideration I will just not be able to allow Harold to remain here at school. While I have your assurances of safety I have no proof. You say he isn’t dangerous, but tell me he is the first of his kind to be studied alive. How do you know he isn’t dangerous? Tell me that. No I am afraid I think it would be better for all if Harold found education somewhere else.” Mr. Fredrick said with finality, and some relief.

“No! Please! You can’t kick Harold out of school, it will break his heart. He so much loves coming here, and being with his friends. You simply can’t take that away from him. Please reconsider!” Louis sounded as if she were on the edge of panic.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Banks but as I have already told you my number one concern is for the safety and well being of my students. I find Harold to be a liability, and I simply can not allow a liability into the school. My job is to protect everyone who comes into this school, and I am doing that very thing!” As Mr. Fredrick spoke he started to sound more and more angry.

Doctor Frankenstein was silent a very long time. He just sat there and stared at Mr. Fredrick, never blinking, never wavering, just staring. The room was filled with an uneasy inky silence. As Doctor Frankenstein stared at Mr. Fredrick, Mr. Fredrick started to scoot lower and lower in his chair, as if the act would somehow hide him from Doctor Frankenstein’s stare.

Finally Doctor Frankenstein spoke, never taking his eyes off Mr. Fredrick. “My good Sir, while your intentions of protection would be admirable, if made in sincerity, I am afraid they show your true self. You say you are dismissing Harold for reasons of safety, but we all know you are only doing it because you are afraid! You’re a coward, Mr. Fredrick! You sit behind that desk comfortable in your office, and make decisions that will change a young boys future, and yet you have no thought for anyone but your own trepidation of something unknown. You are afraid, afraid of a small innocent little boy, who only wants to make something of himself in this world. This world is plagued with history of persecution! Those persecuted were generally different than those who did the persecuting. Now we have a boy who is different, and you are choosing to take the path of the bully. I loathe people like you Mr. Fredrick, and I will not stand for it!”

Mr. Fredrick did look afraid, but despite all of his fear he spoke anyways. “You are of course welcome to your opinion Mr. Frankenstein, but I am afraid there is nothing you can do, and my decision is final. I would ask you collect Harold and take him off school ground immediately!”

Rising from his chair, Doctor Frankenstein placed both hands on Mr. Fredrick’s desk, and leaned in smiling. “Ahh you see Mr. Fredrick that is where you are wrong. There are many things I can do. Many indeed, but the choice I am going to make is to remove you from office. I find you unfit to be an educator, and will have you replaced with someone more fitting to your position. I suggest you get your resume together. You are going to need it.”

With that Doctor Frankenstein reached across the table and pulled Mr. Fredrick’s phone closer to himself. Picking up the receiver he started dialing.

“What….What are you doing? That is my phone, and you do not have permission to use it. Who are you calling anyways?” Mr. Fredrick said in a stuttering, exasperated way.

Doctor Frankenstein didn’t answer, but listened as phone began to ring. After a few minutes a voice picked up on the other line.

“Hello?” Said the voice.

“Willy, how are you my old friend, it’s Igor….That’s wonderful….I’m doing fine as well, thank you for asking…Listen Willy I am over here at Griffin Elementary, and I am afraid the situation that we talked about has happened….Yes it’s unfortunate that it happened so soon…Yes I have tried talking to the man, but he says his decision is final….I agree….I was thinking someone more suited to our tastes might be in order….Thank you Willy….Yes I will be by for dinner with you and Karen on Sunday….Thank you again.”

With that Doctor Frankenstein placed the call on hold and placed the receiver on the desk.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re fired. I would appreciate it if you would collect your things and leave school property immediately.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

Mr. Fredrick actually started to laugh. “That’s very clever and cute, but you don’t have the authority to fire me. Who do you think you are?”

“Your very right that I don’t have the authority to fire you, but the man on the phone does, and he would like to speak with you.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“And who the hell is Willy?” Mr. Fredrick said still laughing.

“Doctor William Henry Berry. The Governor.”

Everyone in the room looked stunned, with the exception of Doctor Frankenstein. Mr. Fredrick looked at the receiver now like it were a snake getting ready to bite him. Slowly he reached for the phone and punched the button that brought the called out of hold.

“This is Mr. Fredrick….Yes sir…..I see sir….If you will allow me to explain sir….I see….Thank you sir.”

He slowly placed the receiver back on the phone base, and stared off into nothingness. After a few minutes he sat down, and sighed heavily. Then he turned to Ms. Prater who looked very confused, and even a little frightened.

“Turns out that our good friend Doctor Frankenstein is a close personal friend of our Governor. I have been asked to resign, and instructed that should you or I mention any of this situation to anyone else, the consequences would be severe. I suggest you go back to class and pretend this never happened. Treat Harold like you would any other student, and Jane it was good working with you. My replacement should be here in the morning.” Mr. Fredrick said.

Ms. Prater looked like she was shocked, and confused. Finally she turned to Doctor Frankenstein and said. “You can’t do this! Mr. Fredrick has been here for over 10 years. This school is his home.”

Doctor Frankenstein stood tall and said. “My good Ms. Prater I came into Harold’s life shortly after he was born, and from that moment on I have made it my life to protect him. I have worked hard to gain the connections and friendships that allow me to do that very thing. Mr. Fredrick I gave you every opportunity to be civil about all of this, but you chose to be afraid and react out of stupidity. I wish you could stay, but I must ensure that Harold will receive an adequate and full education, and now seeing your reaction to who he is I simply cant trust you. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry it has to be this way.”

Mr. Fredrick nodded, and extended his hand towards Doctor Frankenstein. “I understand the desire to protect those children you have found a part of your life. Take care of him Doctor Frankenstein.”

“I will.”

Mr. Fredrick then shook George and Louis hands, and then said. “Now if you don’t mind I would like to be alone while I pack up my office.”

George and Louis stood up nodding their head in understanding.

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