Harold the Zombie – Chapter 9


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From Doctor Igor Frankenstein’s Journal

I must confess to myself that it has been a busy year. However now I can pat myself on the back for all of my hard work. I knew eventually someone would find out about what Harold is, and react….poorly. My biggest concern was that whoever that person was would have influence in Harold’s future. So I placed myself in connection circles that would give me the best chance of swaying the outcome. So far it has worked. This was of course just the first trial. I am sure more people will come to know what Harold is, and depending on who those people are and how they choose to respond to the situation will determine what course of action will need to be taken. I will not let someone harm Harold. Any threat will need to be dealt with! While my relationship with the Mayor and Governor has been extremely helpful I cannot rely on those two forever. I will need to anticipate future problems, and make sure I have plans in place for them. Eventually I may have to take matters into my own hands, and not rely on the goodwill of others. Nothing and no one will take Harold from me!

Now on to Harold and where I should go from here, the end of grade testing is coming up soon. Theory suggests that with a rich concentration of brains in a Zombies diet the Zombie can grow more intelligent. On the other side of things theory suggests that with a low concentration of brains a Zombie will lose intelligence. I am sure that I will not be able to convince the parents of lowering the concentration of brains in his diet. They know that such things will have negative consequences.

Perhaps I should consider telling them less in the future.

Nevertheless I am confident that I could convince them to add a higher concentration of brains to his diet. The idea that their son could be more intelligent may appeal to them. My hope is that through this experiment we will be able to find evidence of how Zombies grow and develop. It will give firm proof why some Zombie legends describe them as dumb, stupid creatures. I don’t know how long the process takes for a Zombie to increase in intelligence if they even can, but it is my ultimate hope to find out.

“I’m sorry, maybe I am misunderstanding you, but are you asking to perform an experiment on Harold?” George asked.

The two of them were sitting on the couch in their comfy home. Doctor Frankenstein was sitting on an overstuffed chair directly across from them. He had arrived about a half hour ago, and had just finished outlining his plan for increasing the amount of brains in Harold’s diet.

“Well, I suppose you could call it that. Keep in mind that Harold is the first live Zombie that science has had the opportunity to study. This research could provide valuable data on biology of Zombies. Besides I see only benefits to such an experiment. Harold would grow in intelligence, and you the happy parents can sit back and watch your son gain potential that most children could only dream of.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“It sounds like cheating to me.” Louis said passing a worried expression at George.

“I can certainly see why you would think that, and you are such fine parents for not wanting to teach Harold the value of cheating.” 

George and Louis looked startled.

“You mean that cheating is wrong, and that Harold should study, and pass on his own merits.  I am sure you do not really believe that there is value in cheating…do you?” George said with a challenge.

Doctor Frankenstein adjusted the cuffs on his shirt, fidgeting with them just a bit.  “George everyone in life cheats, from a certain point of view.  You are a talented scientist.  Your mind is sharp, and your intellect keen. You can see things in your mind that many can not.  How did you get there?  How did you become the scientist you are today?”

George looked confused, but answered Doctor Frankenstein’s question.  “I studied hard in school.  I read books, practiced, experimented within my field, read research papers, and attended seminars.  I took advantage of every opportunity I had available to me.”

Doctor Frankenstein smiled the smallest of smiles as he considered Georges words.  He had them.  He knew it.  George had given him the very opening he needed to convince them.  “George, you already know this, but Harold is unique.  He has abilities, natural abilities that others do not.  He should not be held to the same standard as more the more common individuals.  You yourself just said that in school you took advantage of every opportunity that was available to you. Would you deny Harold the same thing?”

“I uh, well I suppose not. I mean, I just don’t want to cause anymore trouble at school. What if someone were to find out?  Harold is already under suspicion.” Louis said.

“Friends, friends, I promise you this will be kept between us. I am only asking for a small indulgence.  Just adding an extra 15 ounces of brains to each of Harold’s meals.  We already have his test scores from the last year, and his studying and comprehension have remained steady. I am only asking to confirm if my theory is true.  Please, help me with this.  I beg of you.”

George and Louis looked at each other.  Each of them looked confused, and not sure of what to say.  Finally George sighed. “Ok Doctor, just this once.  We will increase his intake of brains, but Doctor my first priority is my son.  You have been a good friend and an enormous help to us, but please Harold is not a guinea pig.” 

“Of course my dear boy! Of course! Just a small experiment to see what happens. Both of you are far too kind.  Thank you! I will arrange for more brains to be delivered immediately.”

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