What Is The Writer’s Block

When I started writing many years ago I struggled, and often felt alone.  I would labor on a story, or piece of writing for days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years, only to get to the end, look at what I had created, and see all its flaws.  

I often imagined if I went more than a week without writing, or if what I did write was below my expectations, that I’d be led to a large wooden block where I’d be placed and eventually decapitated by a successful, published author who used an axe engraved with quills and long words.

This of course never happened, sadly. 

Over the years I did discover that almost all creative people struggle with their craft.  The sometimes incessant and overwhelming need to create drives us, but we are never very happy with the finished product.  So we avoid writing, hide our notes and scribbles from friends and family, and tell ourselves that we are not very good.

The Writers Block is a place where creatives can come to feel safe.  Here we will discuss all the dark and sometimes undiscussed secrets of what it’s like to be a writer.  We will include ideas on publishing, editing, writing, and more.

I also promise that it will not just be me (Adam Scott) doing all the writing.  I plan on inviting a large group of authors, publishers, editors, and other creative people to join me here on The Writer’s Block and share their unique and often quirky opinions.

So to all of you out there who, like me, feel alone, and not good enough to be a writer, listen up.  Those demons inside your head are wrong!  Don’t listen to them.  You are not alone, and by crazy random happenstance you have stumbled upon a community of writers who will love and support you till the end of your days.

Welcome to The Writers Block.

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