What Makes A Person A Nerd????


I started a little firestorm over the weekend when one of my friends called me a Nerd. She did not say being a Nerd was a bad thing, she was just pointing out the obvious. Me being me I posted on Facebook that I was Nerd and Proud of it, and requested for all other Nerds to stand up and be recognized. This led to comments coming in faster than I could reply to them. That current status now has 33 comments, and I am sure that number will grow. What I found interesting about the comment was who was commenting. Yes there were a few obvious friends who eagerly jumped at the chance to be recognized as a Nerd, but there were a few people that made comments that I would have never thought of as a Nerd.

“Stops analyzing how much more efficient the starship enterprise would be if lt.commander data were the capt. instead of picard and puts pen back in pocket protector of her short-sleeved button down shirt. I’m here!!!!”

This particular comment came from an old High School friend of mine. I was stunned when she made this comment because I never for one minute that she would have liked anything sci/fi. I now stand corrected.

This status on Facebook led to an intense philosophical discussion about who is and is not a geek, prompting a few skittish people to ask “Am I a geek?” in quivering, fearful tones.

Since I have embraced the fact that I am a Nerd, and am willing to talk about it openly I am surprised at how many times I have had someone come up to me and say something along the following lines…

“I have a level-62 Paladin on Twisting Nether.”
“I went to a Con years ago, and had a really good time”
“The Enterprise could totally take out an Imperial Cruiser”

Sometimes I receive these comments from other proud Nerds, and other times I receive these from people who say almost with a hint of shame.

It’s clear the Nerds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so my question is….What does it mean to be a Nerd? Post your comments and I will post them on my main site.

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