Who is Adam Scott

Adam Scott was originally born in the snowy white mountains of Utah as Jason Heilpern.  His parents, Jack and Merrie Heilpern educated him, and his three younger siblings (Jessica, James, and Jennifer) in music, theater, cinema, and art. This meant that by the age of 8 he was able to quote movies such as Monty Python, Star Wars, and Blazing Saddles, as well as holding a love for Calvin and Hobbes comics, broadway musicals, and theatrical soundtracks.  

Adam has made a point of traveling across the country, from the southern swamplands of Florida, the deserts of California, and even to the exotic lands of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Washington.

He began studying performing arts when he was 8 years old when he joined a children’s choir called Younger Generation.  Singing was something he enjoyed, but performing was his passion, and calling. As he grew older he eventually attended Northwest School of the Performing and Visual Arts, learning everything from drama, theater, orchestral ensembles, and of course music.

Adam Scott Jason Heilpern Geek and Gamer FitnessAfter high School and college, Adam had a brief and somewhat irritating belief that he needed to “grow up” and get a real job, so he worked as a safety director for the railroad.  Thankfully he eventually came to his senses and found his true calling: That of a barbarian.

In 2010 he founded Geek and Gamer Fitness and trained over 2000 worthy rogues, warriors, barbarians, wizards and even a bard or two. The life of battle and glory has since stayed in his sights, and with his canine companion Cordelia always at his side through battlefields and adventures of their own, he has maintained a love for his bardic beginnings and between raids he plays video games, enjoys movies, drinks a lot of coffee, sharpens his swords, and even writes a story or two.

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