Words Unspoken

My heart wants to say what’s inside,
but my mind finds a place to hide.
These feelings i try keep in check,
to stop me from being a wreck.

All this while you never see,
what you will always mean to me.
In those words left unspoken,
for the path you have chosen

Wish I could tell you everyday,
you’re the sunshine in my grey,
like the scent of earth in the rain
you could make gold out of my pain.

A part of me feels so empty ,
with your thoughts in my memory.
Having you around I feel grateful,
I choose to see my glass as half full.

While I’ve been in love before,
but the feeling never felt so sure.
In my dreams I hold your hand everyday,
but the reality is that you’re far away.

I’d give up everything for you,
I’d fight the world to make it true,
so that I can be yours and could be mine
And I wouldn’t be your life’s blurry line.

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