War Cries

Warrior’s Silhouette

One morning, you wake up
you see smoke in the sky.
Sound of cries, it creeps up
the warplanes flying by.
The gunshots, it shakes up
you hoping not to die.

Oh no, the song of war’s been sung,
the times of chaos have now begun.
The explosions like a bursting sun,
the world slowly losing all its fun.

The fear, it fills,
soldier with a knife.
The peace, it kills,
you praying for your life.
The leaders, and their thrills,
never cease from a strife.

Felt lost, in sadness
bodies lying all around.
The innocent, left homeless,
houses burnt to the ground.
The children, left hapless,
families yet to be found.

Wrap up, the war’s been finally won.
nations have lost out on their space.
There’s no more warpaint on our face.
Our world’s been left an empty place.

Words Unspoken

Its all about you & its unconditional

My heart wants to say what’s inside,
but my mind finds a place to hide.
These feelings i try keep in check,
to stop me from being a wreck.

All this while you never see,
what you will always mean to me.
In those words left unspoken,
for the path you have chosen

Wish I could tell you everyday,
you’re the sunshine in my grey,
like the scent of earth in the rain
you could make gold out of my pain.

A part of me feels so empty ,
with your thoughts in my memory.
Having you around I feel grateful,
I choose to see my glass as half full.

While I’ve been in love before,
but the feeling never felt so sure.
In my dreams I hold your hand everyday,
but the reality is that you’re far away.

I’d give up everything for you,
I’d fight the world to make it true,
so that I can be yours and could be mine
And I wouldn’t be your life’s blurry line.


Life’s like a water color
Watch it go side to side
Don’t you try to control
Let it loose,let it flow
And watch it’s magic show
On your eye’s canvas

Colors like moments
Each of them so vivid
Mix them on life’s palette
Some good, some bad
But don’t you worry
There’s another life to live
Another canvas to fill.